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AMI / Ipod Question for new A3 owners

daveb99 Nov 21, 2012

  1. constvoid

    constvoid Active Member Audi A3

    Which AMI - Apple cable do you have? I'll take a guess it's the one with the red collar, rather than the blue. The red one works with iPhones, later iPod touch etc, and displays album artwork. The blue one works with older iPods, including the classic, as well as newer devices, but doesn't display artwork. There isn't a single cable that will give you artwork and will work with all iPods/iPhone.
  2. Kirrie

    Kirrie New Member

    You've guessed it! It has a read collar and 2913VVL written on it. I have been advised to check it into Audi for a service so they can sort out the lack of connection...I have a feeling they may just give me one of these blue cables. Will report back after i've been.
  3. manor13

    manor13 Active Member

    damn I have the blue collar and works with my Ipod classic but will not display artwork even if i got to reduced artwork.
  4. StefRobinson

    StefRobinson Active Member

    Unfortunately no iPod Classic will display album artwork.

    To get the artwork, you need the cable with the red collar. This is only supported in conjunction with newer iPod's and iPhone's, and won't work with iPod Classics.

    As you say, the cable with the blue collar will work with the majority of older iPods, but you won't get the artwork to display.

    Whilst on the subject of Random Playback, I can't get this option to display with any of the setup options I have tried. I have both the blue and red collared cables, an iPod Classic, and a new iPod Nano. None of these give me the random option.

    I'm using the iPod Nano and the cable with the red collar in the car now. This way, I get all the artwork etc. and it's quite quick and easy to set the iPod to shuffle before plugging it in. I would prefer to be able to do it via the MMI though.
  5. a4real

    a4real New Member

    I know this thread is almost a year old and is in reference to the A3, but this issue also applies to my 2014 A4 with MMI+.

    The car came with the blue collar 30-pin iPod cable. It currently works with every type of iPod I've tried, but no cover art or video. Then I read online about the magical red collar cable that will pass album art and video to the MMI. My sales guy was nice enough to give me a spare he had in his desk. However, the iPod I use in the car is a 5th Generation 60GB iPod "Video", which I can confirm does NOT work at all with the red collar cable. I figured that I'd just get a new iPod Classic with even more space and leave that one in the car, but then my searches took me here and other forums indicating that no artwork is possible with ANY iPod Classic...

    So, can anyone here confirm, what is the largest capacity iPod I can get that is guaranteed to work with the red collar cable AND display album art? If it is a newer model with a Lightning connector, will it still pass album art through a 30-pin to Lightning adapter?


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