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AMI Cable Help

cybrey Mar 18, 2014

  1. cybrey

    cybrey Member

    So after a 3 year absence I'm coming back to the Audi fold. Previous car was a A3 1.8T sport, had to swap it for something more practical so went for a VW Passat estate 2.0TDI which I've hated since I bought it.

    Anyway last week I bought an A5 sport 3.0TDI its on a 59 plate. It comes with a HDD SatNav and AMI, but no AMI leads. Can anyone point out which lead set I need to buy, really I only need the USB connector (not mini/micro) so that I can attach a Hard Disk. However there are a lot 'sets' on ebay so it may work out cheaper to buy the USB and iPod connector together.

    (A remap & exhaust is on the cards, but I want to get used to the stock car first).

    Any help appreciated
  2. A5sprint

    A5sprint Member

    I purchased a USB lead from ebay but unfortunately for what ever reason it didn't work. I then purchased one from my Audi dealership and this works perfectly. I'm not saying non of the ebay leads work but though I would let you know.

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