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AMI A2DP / Bluetooth streaming adapter

oscar Jun 25, 2010

  1. oscar

    oscar moo

  2. williamhop102

    williamhop102 New Member

    No, haven't tried that. But I've got a even better solution which can allow you to read and display iPod music list and song title, and even control music from the steering wheel buttons.

    It is an alternative wireless music adaptor from ViseeO called Tune2Air WMA1000 which works with my A4 AMI. It supports wirelessly stream music and also allow you to wireless browse music list, see the song title on the original in-car display. It also allows me controlling the music directly from the head unit control. This music list function only works with my iPhone. I have tested this tiny device with my friend's android phone (galaxy 3) which also works well however, with android it does not support the music library browsing though. Sportify online music service is also supported. You can stream music from Sportify app to the head unit via WMA1000. Again like the android phone it does not support music list though. Only Apple's device is supported for the music library I guess.


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