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AmD Woking?? Anygood?

eugegall Apr 21, 2009

  1. eugegall

    eugegall Member

  2. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    Another AmD!

    Started out in the good old days in Lower Oddington in Oxfordshire. Very unflashy garage, but big on customer care and skill. Mike and Geoff were fantastic, and I spent many happy hours there with Mk1 / Mk2 Golf GTi's having them serviced / tuned (and particularly enjoyed the day the DeLorean club of Europe turned up to have their cars rolling roaded!).
    Geoff used to be fairly high up in Krypton Tuning, and Mike did all the road testing and some of the mechanics, and it was a great partnership.

    Eventually, and for whatever reason they decided to sell up the rights to the well established AmD name, and AmD moved to a far glitzier centre in Bicester with a flatscreen TV, a playstation and a Mac for you to web browse whilst you waited. Yes it was revolutionary from that perspective, and yes I there were some good guys there (Nathan Sammons was one that springs to mind), but somehow it seemed to have become all too commercial and lost some of the original magic. The last time I used them was in 2003 when I had my first Leon Cupra R 225 mapped to stage 1. Rollers figures were overly generous, then I had a problem with their Viper DV which left me at the mercy of the dealers. In those days AmD soldered chips on the back of the ECU so they wanted to charge me to uninstall / reinstall to take it back to dealers for diagnostics. Eventually it was found to be a defected AmD Valve, they replaced it and after that they moved to Essex, so I found a new tuner and that was that.

    Many people have high praise for the Essex outlet, and whilst the word AmD is above the door, to me its a garage with a borrowed name, trading off the success of a predecessor. Essex branch seems to be doing a great job with it's customer care so it is living up to the brand name. I've never even heard of the Woking operation, but its prices are higher (for labour), and I'd be interested to know who they were previously before they adopted the AmD name. Maube a google search may shed more light.
  3. hutchybee

    hutchybee Faux Musician

    I went there last month for a remap and a guy named Simon sorted it for me. I was only there an hour and most of that was watching a dvd while they did the car. My experience with them was limited but they did what I wanted and im happy.
  4. S3-N

    S3-N ?

    they're good, they fitted my milltek. Simon is a nice guy

    i would say AMD for the springs but Vagcheck for the remap
  5. S3Alex

    S3Alex Rarely neutral Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi S3 DSG

    Whatever the history of AMD Essex,I can only say that the customer service and backup is excellent.

    I knew nothing about them apart from references from here,followed by my own experiences,and I've already recommended them to a number of my colleagues who are looking at engine remaps.
  6. jfarhead

    jfarhead Member

    I've just left my B7 A4 there to for the 10k interval service so we'll see how it goes... spoke to Simon as well and he seemed a pretty cool guy...
  7. devonmikeyboy

    devonmikeyboy As far from JBS as possible !

    AMD went bust and Big Boys Toys bought the name plus company rights and moved everything up to their head quaters.
  8. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Not entirely true Mike, it was a colab with Mega4 (Si) & BBT, Simon I know very well & he is a great guy for work & friend, he knows his stuff & advice is always top notch & with 3 cars mapped & new hybrid on & remap soon for hybrid I have not one complaint in many years even before AMD, I would happily email him or ring to say you're a friend of mine of the forum.

    One reason they went bust was they bought to many toys from what I heard, lol.

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