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beanoir May 12, 2010

  1. beanoir

    beanoir Large Member

    Hey All, I thought I'd break my silence as I'm in need of some advice....and I know how much you've all missed me on my soapbox ;)

    I'm looking to get my car mapped next month. My local is AMD in Thurrock, Essex who I know are pretty good when it comes to customer service etc.

    My query is more a difference in the 2 software options they offer for re-maps for the S3. They offer the Revo software, which I know comes recommended by most of you who have it, so no particular issue there, but they also offer their own AMD software.

    I have been told that the peak power and stats on paper are not too different but I was wondering if anybody had any experience they could share of using the AMD software, or even better if anybody can offer a comparison of the 2?

    Thanks all!!
  2. chrissy1502002

    chrissy1502002 Member

    Im running AMD software on my 2.0T with a Miltek turbo back exhust and have to say its one of the best maps ive driven. Its very linear, with power all the way through the rev range. There is loads of torque from about 2k all the way to the red line. I would highly recomend AMD software and would personally choose it over any other software.
  3. silstream

    silstream Member

    Hey Nick,

    I'm in the same position & have been chatting to AmD in Surrey this week. I'm still not sure but I've listed the differences for each below. Both are reputable maps for me and both can be customized to suit your particular driving style, so even with the AmD map Simon was offering me the choice of whether I wanted a more aggressive map with extra boost from nothing (higher wear) or something more linear. REVO has the same if you buy the Select+ and you can then adjust boost & timing settings yourself

    AmD - Cheaper for Stage 1, might be able to negotiate price even cheaper if AmD are doing other work for you but with REVO the price is pretty fixed? Can't be switched back to stock. Reasonable cost upgrades to later stages (£100 extra instead of REVO £50 to upgrade a stage)

    REVO - Cheaper incremental upgrades to Stage 2 (£50) and Stage 2+ (£50 on top of Stage 2) if you want to upgrade later. Optional Select box allows you to revert to/from stock and Select + allows even more control of boost & timing settings youself. REVO has wider dealer network and very popular here on ASN

    Simon was happy to fit either with no strong preference. REVO had an offer last month (£100 off) so am gutted to have missed that so deciding whether to wait for another offer or just go for it now... money is tight this month and once I have the map I know I'll be pushing to get the bits for Stage 2+ :)

  4. beanoir

    beanoir Large Member

    Thanks for the responses guys.

    Pete, sounds like we're in the same position! I think I'm leaning toward the Revo at the moment, but still about 4 weeks to change my mind.

  5. BeatmasterB

    BeatmasterB New Member

    looking at same query here pretty much...

    Im looking for just a map on standard parts and minimal extra wear etc - not into changing anything or spending any more cash, just want a quick win for extra power if possible, but i dont want to affect reliability or my wallet - already taken a beating buying an S3 to start with ;)
  6. Scott134

    Scott134 Member

    Hi Nick, good to see you back and hope things are going well. I guess you've finished running the car in now then?!

    I think like many other people I've looked at this issue as well, especially living close to AmD as well.

    Pete, thanks for the helpful summary. It seems to be the case that if you are going to be upgrading you might as well go Revo and save the upgrade costs (all else being equal of course).

    Will be interested to see how you find it Nick, whichever way you go. I had Revo on my old Golf 1.8T and loved it. No complaints there.

    Keep us posted.

    (P.s. are you planning another Thurrock meet?)
  7. beanoir

    beanoir Large Member

    Hi Scott,

    Things are well thanks, hows tricks with you? I have run her in now, hence time for a re-map!

    I'll probably go Revo I think as I've not heard a huge amount of info about the AMD software, so given the feedback elsewhere on here over the last few years, i'll probably stick with what I know.

    Another Thurrock meet could be well worth a shot, especially as the weather is (slowly) getting better! Have to get the wheels in motion at some point for that!


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