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AMD standard or One Click?

imported_monkeytrousers Apr 19, 2005

  1. Hi,

    I am considering a stage 1 remap at AMD for my S3.

    Can someone tell me if there is any real difference between their standard remap and the One Click remap?

    One Click would seem more desirable as it can be removed but does it produce the same result in terms of extra power?

  2. Guest

    i actually asked AMD when i was there the other day.

    The standard Map that comes with the one click is NOT as good as the stage 1 remap they do, the remap is a bespoke map but the oneclick is a generic one hence not as good.

    I have been told however that you CAN have the full remap done, then buy the oneclick module and have your custom map put onto the oneclick. Obviously though you will have to pay for the remap and then the one click module. I was quoted around 200 for the module so for a full remap with one click your looking at 750+VAT

    hope this helps
  3. dickys3

    dickys3 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I believe its the same map, just delivered differently.
  4. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member

    So being bespoke, do AMD keep testing/RR the car until it has optimal performance??

    I thought i was a case of RR ya car before too show whats its producing then plug in ya stuff upload new map, then RR again to show the results and then give u yours keys back, thankyou very much! or am i wrong, would very much like to know
  5. Guest

    I was told when i was there that the remap is bespoke whereas the oneclick is a generic map...Was told the oneclick map would be down on the official remap

    dont have any more info than that though sorry
  6. Leon

    Leon Member

    It is true they don't RR the one-click as standard, however, you can pay for the RR if you wish.

    I considerned the one-click myself but have heard several stories of the ECU going kaput. They have been doing their standard remaps for a long time with great success, so for me, this was much more reassuring so I went for this option. I can only see the benefit of the one-click if your either on warranty (and want to put it back to standard if issues occur) or might need to sell the car soon. As for the latter I don't see this as a real issue (it will still sell) so if your out of warranty I'd say go for the standard map and get all the benefits if offers.
  7. AMD told me the same as Bobfish.. and having originally fancied the one-click, I accepted what they said and went for the normal stage 1 remap, on the RR..

    My biggest single reason, was that this method allows them to monitor and tweak the map so that the max torque stays within the limits of the multitronic box, and that they recommend this method strongly for anyone with DSG or multitronic, rather than just go for the generic remap..

    Allegedly it gives a smoother response this way too, but I havent driven a one-click one to compare!

    I'm pleased I did - even if all its given me is a bit extra 'peace of mind'

    The final figures weren't as high as I expected, an almost exact 25% increase in BHp and in Torque, but it certainly feels like a good deal more than that! Timed on a wristwatch stopwatch, 0-60 is about 2 seconds better (I know this cant be exact, but anything from 7.8 to 8.1 is now normal, from a 9.9 stock time no rocketship, but a highly useful improvement)

    Insurance - no premium increase, but an extra £250 excess.. not great but seemed fair.


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