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AMD stage one!!!!

nlw73 Jul 9, 2005

  1. nlw73

    nlw73 Member

    firstly thanks to Jedi Knight for sorting out this group buy and for Ed to agreeing to carry it over for me.

    well got there for about 1.30pm and very impressed with the facilities and the cars around.

    porker turbos, S3s, some seriously tuned mark 3,4 and 5 golfs. even some RS4s and RS6s just lying around!!

    one golf was running 450 bhp with 380 mm rotors and 6 pots!! nice

    ok well it took no more than 2 hours, free coffee on site and I even picked up a free wireless network to do some work to keep the boss happy!!

    well I got the car back went for a test drive and all I can say is WOW!!

    even in 1st she felt lively. pulled out of the ind estate and then down the road in 2nd, 3rd and 4th. the difference is truly amazing and even smoother than the std ecu map!!

    got onto the dual carriageway! and jesus she really pulls. 1st n 2nd are not too aggressive which I love but 3rd, 4th and 5th she pulls like I have never known.

    overtaking is a such an easy task and she feels like the car she should have been. you don't even need to plant her to get the same pull as standard.

    I had a bit of a tussle with a golf R32 on the M40 and he was very suprised. looks like a std car but I was dragging away from him in 4th and 5th so well chuffed.

    she feels quick, lively and like a new car so I am well pleased. not too agressive and not all dumped in at one place like the revo maps.

    boost is around 1.2 bar so not too much stress on the engine and blower. I checked the AFR reading and the injector cycles and all within tolerance.

    263 bhp at 6033 rpm
    279 ft lbs Torque at 3013 rpm!! (very pleased with that as I said I wanted more torque)

    all in all a very good, clean, quick experience and I feel like I have a new car with a grin ob my face! can;t wait to drive her today!

    thanks to all involved again.

    a very happy NLW.

    I think the e46 M3 can wait torque as I have as much torque as the M3 now and will save me pennies for a 996 C4 with GT3 kit!

    AS dicky S3 said I might need some bigger brakes!

  2. jediknight

    jediknight Member

    hi, glad your pleased...

    that mental mk4 with 450 bhp is actually ed's own baby i believe. S3 engine rebuilt with sportec turbo and drive chain changed for FWD!

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