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AMD Stage 1 and DIS questions

imported_AndyB40 Jan 6, 2005

  1. I have a Jan 2004 A4 1.8T Sport 190bhp.

    Can anyone help me with the following questions:

    1. How do I find out if I have the full DIS installed. I believe all A4's have a limited DIS but you can have a full DIS as an optional extra when buying the car from new. Using my stalk I count 6 display options.

    2. I am considering an AMD stage 1 upgrade. I have been told the following by AMD:

    "We have found that the air pipe connecting the air box to the turbo charger unit, collapses when the engine is tuned. This is down to the pipe being too soft. Under high speed, the air intake is so powerful that it has enough suction to suck in the pipe. The solution is renew this piece with a larger bore steel item, cost £180.00 + VAT. It is not absolutely essential but recommended for optimised results.".

    Has anyone any information on this and how essential it is to have?

    My car is still under warranty and AMD have told me dealers shouldn't be able to see the upgrade. However using a replacement steal pipe is slightly going to give the game away!

    3. Does the Audi warranty become void if an upgrade such as AMD is performed? Or are they respected enough that Audi is ok with this type of upgrade?

    Many thanks.


    VACINC Member

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    all 18t 190 come as standard with DIS ,
  3. macca666

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    When I bought mine it was 3 year old. I queried at the first service about a chip and was told that AUDI do not approve any sort of chip. Don't know if this was just me dealer or not but they told me it would void the warranty.

    If you are worried phone the dealer up but dont give them your name or even tell them you are thinking about buying/chipping one of their cars and they should give you all the information you need.

  4. Just been down to Audi and asked the question. They do not approve any sort of chip. I'm pretty sure I'm not wanting to take the risk of having a problem and warranty not covering it which is a real bummer. The dealer mentioned a company called Fontain who may be able to offer warranty with the upgrade, but checking their Web site shows they are an independent Audi dealer who sell the Revo upgrade, so I'm not hopeful on that. I can't believe Audi don't offer their own performance upgrades!
  5. Many thanks for the info on the AMD Stage 1 you've just had done. AMD originally told me that the replacement pipe was needed for "high speeds". I asked for clarification and they have replied:

    "engine speeds i.e. 5750RPM in 4th 5th 6th gears.".

    I can't imagine I'm going to hit 5750RPM in those gears anyway!? So if they have told you it is not needed then that's sounds good to me.

    So I just need to find out dealers near me who are friendly towards that type of upgrade :) £350+VAT seems too good to miss!
  6. I've decided, I'm going for it! Just waiting for AMD to get back to me for dates etc. Many thanks everyone for your help :)
  7. Platinum70

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    You won't go wrong using A.M.D. i have had two cars re-mapped by them and never had any problem with the car going to the dealers for warranty issues. Both dealers new about the re-map and no problem.

    I have the Stage 3 and it is superb. I had problems with the pipe collapsing, but I would have probably had it done anyway.

    You will not find a more helpful, knowledgable and professional company than AMD.


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