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AMD Re-map and passing MOTs

auroan Sep 23, 2004

  1. auroan

    auroan Active Member

    I'm seriously considering an AMD remap for my 99 A4 110 TDI SE. The only thing thats putting me of is the possibility of it failing it's MOT on emissions. How vicious are the re-mapps ?

    If you dump the accelerater in mine, the car behind gets covered in black smoke !! Would a re-map make this worse?

    I want to go for a re-map rather than a chip or tuning box cause I've heard that the generic ones are just based around altering fuel timings. I do about 70 miles a day on a return commute to work and I want to keep the mpg in the 50s-55s which I can get even with my heavy footed driving style.

    Any advice guys would be great

  2. i think its called "tuning box" bought it off ebay. was about £150 (came from austria) took a couple of hours too fit and hide the wiring etc.. its actually mounted behind the dashboard so its not visible unless you were looking for it.

    as for performance gain, well its amazing. its like driving a totally new car. its got 6 stages on it 1. standard upto 6. 60% power gain (probably nowhere near acturate) but it made a huge difference, i have it on setting 4 as it smokes a bit on the top one. i awate putting it on a rolling road too see what it comes up with.
  3. oh, fuel economy hasnt changed either.

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