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Ambient lighting problem?

Mollygoogle Feb 2, 2013

  1. Mollygoogle

    Mollygoogle Member

    This morning my front ambient lighting arrived from Newcastle Seat (thanks to Ollie at NS) and I set too. Everything was fine until I connected it up. I followed the wiring guides that are all over the net, not that you need to when it is so obvious!
    Once the LED's were connected up the LED unit heated up and then some smoke came out so I disconnected them pretty quickly. As this was happening the map light bulbs glowed then dimmed then glowed then dimmed, etc. I checked the fuses which were all fine and of the correct rating. At this point the interior lights were working, I switched the ignition on and they stopped working (they didnt autodim they just went off and couldnt be switched on at all). At this point I had the bright idea (no pun intended) of reconnecting the ambient LED's. The LED's came on and looked great, unfortunately at this point the circuit board for the interior light went up in flames, literally!

    Up until this point the interior lights have worked absolutely fine. The LED's were definitely connected to the right place and were not shorting a connection that I could see. The LED's light correctly if wired to a different source.

    Any ideas why it fried? Had the board just seen better days? Could it just be that the board already had a problem and the extra (tiny) load pushed it over the edge? Maybe even an existing connection fault in the board that was exposed by completing the circuit for the ambient?

    It would be much easier just to think that I had been cack handed and damaged it, but I just don't see how it is possible as it is so straightforward

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