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Am I the new Dr. Who?

HBA4345 Apr 13, 2009

  1. HBA4345

    HBA4345 New Member

    Hi all, recently moved into my first Audi, an '55 A6 2.7 tdi quattro, after my wife started complaining about the 330d being too small (had them for the last 12 years but like to think I was one of the more considerate BMW driving knobs :hi:). I'm a big fan of the old E46 but the newer Bangle edge designs just don't appeal, hence the jump to Audi.

    Can't believe how much space there is in these cars, and it's not even an avant! I'm not small at 6' 4" and it is the first car I've ever sat in where I can only just reach the pedals with the seat all the way back. I just can't seem to figure out where all the space comes from, I know it's a big car but it don't seem that big from the outside.

    Well impressed with it so far, though I only got to drive it for a week before heading back to my job in the Middle East :tumble:, can't wait to get back home and take it over to France, explore the quattro and 6 spd tiptronic box on some of the quiet back roads out there.

    Gotta say though it's a bit daunting having to learn a new vocabulary (vag-com anyone!) so excuse my ignorant noob questions early on.

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