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Am I Making The Right Decision....

leeds2592 Dec 11, 2013

  1. leeds2592

    leeds2592 When I grow up, I want a 964!

    Hi all,

    So, following on from this thread http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/a3-s3-sportback-8p-chassis/204708-am-i-being-stupid.html I'm pretty much set on coming over to the darkside/from the darkside, and getting an S3 8L.

    Now, I've read the stickies and threads on buying an S3 so I'm aware of the facelifts, different engines, when certain bits need replacing such as haldex oil+filter, cambelt etc, but I'm still after a bit of reassurance.

    I don't want to spend more then £4k, more around the £3.5k figure, and the examples I'm finding are anything from 100k miles up to 150k. The high miles don't put me off as long as it's been looked after properly with good/full service history. I'm just worried about the big things that could go bang and cost a bit of money such as turbo etc.

    Other than the obvious, what should I be looking for and what should I be looking to avoid? In other words, please reassure me that I'm making the right choice :blush:. I really don't want to end up with a nail like I kinda did with the A3 I've got now.

  2. leeds2592

    leeds2592 When I grow up, I want a 964!

    Anybody? :(
  3. LynxE

    LynxE Member

    I don't really know that much about the technical side of S3 but I was a little like you when I bought mine in July. 2002 with 121k but had fat wallet of documents relating to everything it's ever had done. It had £2.5k of work done about 6 or 7 years ago for a stage 2 and I paid 4k when I bought it. Anyway I went for it and apart from a diff seal (150 quid at the garage to fix) it hasn't put a foot wrong. No advisories on it's MOT a couple of weeks ago

    You can tell when they've been looked after. As long as you get alot of history with it including the bad bits then I wouldn't worry. I'd say just make sure it's had the major stuff done.

    Mine had the cambelt and water pump at 60k but then again at 100k when it got another owner. It's had a new clutch too. Also I hear things like the DV and springs fail but both of those had been upgraded on mine anyway.

    So I guess if it's been serviced regularly. Had the main items like cambelt, waterpump, clutch etc done. Also looks mint then I guess all you can do is hope unless you really technical

    I must admit I sh*t it for a couple of months when I got mine but it's been a great car and I'm glad I went for the higher mileage cos of all the work someone else paid for
  4. Bad Sir Culation

    Bad Sir Culation Member

    We just bought an S3 last weekend. Pretty much no history, 137k and everything needs sorting. £1500 :think:

    Now I am slowly trying to fix it!

    Engine runs really well though and it flies. Most important thing seems to be that the cambelt has been done and the oil changes and Haldex servicing has been done on schedule.

    All I know with this car is that it had the cambelt and some other stuff done last year. Beyond that, we're in the dark!

    I'm also in Leeds BTW.
  5. mattyboy199

    mattyboy199 Well-Known Member

    A well documented history will pay off there's a fair few consumables that will require replacement.
  6. S3 Paul

    S3 Paul Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    Its hard to say...
    To be honest at this age alot of the well Looked after 8L S3's i know of are maintained by the owners.
    I get the oil changes done at a local garage to keep the book signed up but i do everything else in my unit,
    As to what to look out for... it realy would be a case of reading the stickies, i could write a list here but it will have all be covered in there before
  7. mattyboy199

    mattyboy199 Well-Known Member

    Got mine in for a service today & it seems the list is endless even though it wasn't that long ago a lot of stuff was sorted out
  8. leeds2592

    leeds2592 When I grow up, I want a 964!

    Cheers for the replies lads.

    Definitely going to make sure its got good full service history and bits like cambelt, oil change, haldex and the likes have been done at the required intervals. I've also got VCDS so I'll be able to scan the car to see if there's any underlying issues.

    Where abouts is the VCDS 'port' on the 8L's? I've tried doing a search but it isn't letting me due to the site issues at the moment.

    If there was any problems with the turbo, would this show on the scan? Reason I ask is because I've never owned a turbo car before and don't particularly know what to look for and don't want it to go bang a few weeks/months down the line.
  9. Vex182

    Vex182 Guess what I drive...

    The port in on the drivers side, underneath the little cubby hole bit near the light switch. Turbo issues won't usually show on a scan.
  10. leeds2592

    leeds2592 When I grow up, I want a 964!

    Sounds like the same place it is on the 8Ps, thanks.

    How would I go about checking the turbo other than flooring it and seeing that it kicks in/whistle etc?
  11. Wallm0nkey

    Wallm0nkey Member

    I had around the same budget and have had mine about 7 months now and I love it! Mine had about 86k on when I brought it and had reccently had cambelt and pump plus major service and suspension bushes replaced. It had a lot of audi receipts then it was all vw specialist so appeared it had been cared for. It wasn't perfect paint could do with mopping no real dents just swirls and very light marks polishes up nice enough spotted a few bits a door blade was peeling and a lazy headlight seemed like a genuine car. Since I've owned it 2 coil packs and a set of plugs, various breather pipes, washer bottle split somehow in the summer. Driver door switch plays up in the sun, alarm horn battery has died and the cts and thermostat needed replacing. All of the issues seemed to appear in a nice constant stream since owning the car! Luckily all home repairable and I haven't been put off the car at all so go for it :)
  12. bigray

    bigray Active Member

    i bought mine a few months ago was cheap and had 128k on the clock, but engine is in great un modified condition. other then a suspected faulty thermostat,
    body work let it down though, but got most of that sorted, its also got a few factory options as it was a company car.
    good history and a massive stack of paper work, also had haldex and oil change just before i bought it. but im doing full major service cambelt tentioners everything even oil and filter again, the parts and labour isn't as bad as you think.
    and you get piece of mind its done. instead of a false sense of security that its been done.
    cos a stamp says so.
    also mine was picked up for alot less then your budget so there out there bud, but dont forget there old ish so dont expect to be 100% perfect you will after pay to have something done on it
  13. s33nyboy12

    s33nyboy12 Well-Known Member Audi RS5 Owners Group Navarra Blue Classic

    Turbo.......... There are ways of checking, not sure many sellers would let you though as if it's original turbo intake pipe I almost guarantee it will split removing it to check for side to side play or up and down play in the turbo. Plus at that point you could do bad damage if you don't know what your doing, you could do data logs whilst driving to see boost requests etc , time 0-60 times see if it hits factory figures, a smoke test for boost leaks . You NEED to check the stickys for buyers guide!

  14. aterro

    aterro S3 YO

    i paid around the 5k mark for mine. Buts its only just hit 48k :)

    Looking for a genuine one? a good description is a must in my opinion.
    History, even if it doesnt have FSH, has the previous owner backed up the servicing with parts reciepts?

    My car came with FSAH, but ill be servicing it from now on. So ill just take pictures of the service and keep the receipts and make a notebook for future reference and proof.

    Mechanically, drive it as you would when buying any second hand car. e.g. no smoke, leaking, pulls firm. Ideally get it started from a cold start.
  15. leeds2592

    leeds2592 When I grow up, I want a 964!

    Thanks for the replies lads, much appreciated.

    As a few of you have mentioned, I'll just look at it as I would any second hand car. I know a car with over 100k miles will have some niggles that will need sorting, hopefully one that's been looked after will have all the main bits done. Definitely won't be jumping into buying one, head over heart and all that.

    Just need to decide what colour to go for now. Loads of Silver S3's knocking about but I really want Black, even if it is a ****** to clean (I've got a black A3 now, lovely when its clean for the whole of 2 days!).

    Bigray and Bad Sir Culation, where abouts in Leeds you both based?
  16. S4 Muzza

    S4 Muzza oww! my giant blue head!

    I sold my santorin blue S3 6 months ago for CONSIDERABLY less than £3k with 155k on the clock, loads of history and a belt change at 150k. I'd think with that budget and some patience you should do just fine!

    ACWKGYTO Well-Known Member

    Would be intrigued to know what youre gonna get for that price ? 3.5k

    Might get a second one myself in manual....spin the roulette wheel my friend

    If you can afford to gamble go for it
  18. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    Been an owner for nearly 4 years now, and I've picked up alot of knowledge on these sheds through the forums and doing all work myself.

    If I were to buy again id prob only buy off an enthusiast from a forum or owners club, they are the people that do care and won't flog something dodgy, plus there's always a record through a persons username, as silly as that may be.
  19. bigray

    bigray Active Member

    im based just out side the city centre, you ?

    quite agree with this, and most people have some sort of build thread and then you can look at it in detail, whats been done and the quality of work done etc

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