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Am i going mad????

big_mo Mar 19, 2008

  1. big_mo

    big_mo MOSES

    Think i may need help

    Today i had to replace my MAF as it was f**ked. Any ways put it on gave the old one back and wow it feels better.

    Took my A3 for a drive tonight and gave it some beans but it really didnt feel right. I mean it just felt like it was holding back. Didnt feel as nippy as it has.

    So is it my mind playing silly buggers with me or has any one else been like this?

    My mate who fitted it works at VW and he pluged the car in after and no codes came up and he also done a check on other sensors when the car was running and all fine

    Is it worth going back just in case????
  2. Aky

    Aky Aky

    You may have been sold a faulty replacement. Might be worth taking back and swap for a new one. Maybe worth checking that the plug on the top of the MAF housing hasn't popped out first.
  3. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    its either faulty, or you'll just have to wait for your car to re-adapt to the new values from the new (possibly working) MAF as the ECU will be seeing high values it's not used to. It always catches people out.

    When replacing the MAF, its always good to clear all DTC's and readiness data which should start the ECU re-learn.

    After a few hundred miles it should settle down.
  4. big_mo

    big_mo MOSES

    Well last night i put a full tank in (£47 may i say is well) and took it for a drive and also took it down the m40 to London. Seemed ok and better.
    This morring i have a little hand held fault code reader so i pulged it in and the only code it came up with is 17705. Mate my said he will clean the throttle body and reset it,check all the pipes and also change the D/V

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