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Am I doing something wrong!!

Djdenzil Mar 22, 2014

  1. Djdenzil

    Djdenzil New Member

    Nearly 1000 miles now on my new Audi 177 TDi SLine Black and am well impressed. Getting just under 45 MPG on the first couple of fuel ups.

    New insurance premium is due on the 1st May, £195 which is so cheap, can't believe it. Ensure with full business use.

    Nevertheless, looking to fit a DTUK tuning chip and I'm getting quoted anywhere from £425 - £600, WTF!!

    if I'd gone for the 3.0, it would have only cost me another £10.

    Is this the norm or do insurance companies associate tuning boxes or recaps with boy racers and lots of risk!!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. SI-W85

    SI-W85 Well-Known Member

    It's because its a performance upgrade and they don't like that as it means you will be driving like a mad man of course :/ just an excuse to squeeze some more money I think. Don't tell them if you were to have a bump you can just unplug it can't you?
  3. Liquidfusion-S3

    Liquidfusion-S3 I fall to peer pressure!

    When I was looking for insurance quotes for a remap the lowest price from moneysupermarket.com was around £800, shocking! I don't think comparison websites like Remaps for some reason.

    However I think you will find it better to go directly to insurers to get a better quote, LV quoted me around £460 which is very good considering all the mods I've done to the car.

    Admiral wanted £420 but they didn't have my exact car model on their database, not sure why.
  4. SI-W85

    SI-W85 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I went with LV as they gave the best quote for me.
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  5. Zafi

    Zafi Well-Known Member

    When I was phoning around last year one insurance company said "we dont cover cars with tinted windows" then put the phone down on me when I said I had privacy glass on the rear !
  6. Liquidfusion-S3

    Liquidfusion-S3 I fall to peer pressure!

    Name and shame that company for being so rude.
    Isn't tinted windows and privacy glass the same thing?
  7. Anthony566

    Anthony566 Active Member

    Insurance is a joke .... I have gone from a 1.8T a4 163 bhp and £380 a year to a 2.0 Tdi A4 177 quattro and £183 a year !!! Go figure
  8. Gazzaflem

    Gazzaflem Member

    Yes if your conscious still! I told them it was a fuel saving device and only increased BHP by 10 BHP ! Which is true on lowest setting! :rulez:
  9. scotty76

    scotty76 Well-Known Member Team Phantom Audi S4

    I had this for years. I kept looking at a remap but the insurance was stupid. Last year I remapped my B7 2.0 TFSI as I finally got a quote I could do. With Admiral insurance +£26 for the year for a declared +20% increase. My car went from 200->240bhp. I did manage to find this via moneysupermarket.com initially and then confirmed it on Admiral's website. I had to cancel my policy with Direct Line mid-term as they don't do remaps, at all, ever, the end. :)

    Thread's here: http://http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/audi-s4-a4-a4-cab-b7-chassis/193653-2-0-tfsi-shark-stage-1-remap-coming-next-week.html

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