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Aluminium shiftgate for a MK1 TT 6 speed

TT Spares Jul 28, 2010

  1. TT Spares

    TT Spares .com

    Hi Guys

    I am pretty new to this forum so apologies in advance if any etiquette is broken - I mainly live on the TT Forum and know that some can get upset if newbies get things a bit wrong :)

    I have developed a billet aluminium shiftgate for the 6 speed Audi TT MK1 - I have one in my own car and have had a few made up to benefit from economies fo scale.

    You get:

    6mm thick aluminium shiftgate
    aluminium spacer ring
    custom fit leather gaiter
    elongated bolts (also suitable for use with an OSIR orbit ring)


    The gearknob is soon to be available too :)

    price including UK delivery is £100 and US £110

    If anyone is interested or has any questions please feel free to email me on charliedeycon@yahoo.co.uk or call on 07814 365147


  2. T3RBO

    T3RBO 6th Gear

    Looks awesome... will be in touch ;)

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