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aluminium or chrome mirrors?!

Irish EK Nov 28, 2010

  1. Irish EK

    Irish EK Member

    my 2005 A4 came standard with a chrome pack and when i bought it had what at the time i thought to be silver painted mirrors. on closer inspection i have found them to be very cheap replicas of the "S4" and "RS4" aluminium mirrors and are simply painted a flat aluminium colour.

    i have been looking into replacing these mirrors with either chrome type, to go with the exterior chrome pack, or a much better aluminium replica, similar to those on the S and RS models. i have found the following two as examples, but would like your feedback! thanks!

    Aluminium look: Audi A4 S4 8E B6 7 Alu Look Mirror Covers Caps Housings on eBay (end time 28-Nov-10 19:48:00 GMT)

    Chrome look: Audi A4 S4 8E B6 B7 Chrom Mirror Covers Caps Housings on eBay (end time 28-Nov-10 16:44:28 GMT)
  2. icenutter

    icenutter Member

    I suppose chrome would be bling and aluminium would be a bit more classy?
  3. AudiSport

    AudiSport Member

    Has anyone painted theirs silver? Would love to see some images as I suspect the results would be good... Halfords paint and lacquer?

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