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Alternator Help:

n30 Apr 12, 2009

  1. n30

    n30 New Member

    Hi there, my first post on these forums so go easy with me;

    To summarise I have been having issues with a drained battery (just left over night) for the last two months. I have had three batteries in the last 6 months, thinking I had got a couple of bad ones. That didn't cure it so I took it to my local auto electircian, who couldn't see a huge amount of draw from the battery but had pinpointed it to two fuses. I then tried leaving those two fuses out but there was still a large drain overnight (not quite a much), I eventually decided to drop off the two connections to the alternator, the large live wire, and the top small connector. I have then left it for the last two days and the drain is fine. So I'm 99% sure its the alternator at fault. I have seen a couple of posts regarding a voltage regulator but I'm not sure where abouts that it located? I'm thinking a diode has probably gone in the alternator, although it charges the battery fine, would that cause it to pull back when switched off?

    My car is an Audi A4 2002 1.9 TDI B6

    I'm wondering if I take the alternator off is it possible for these to be repaired. I have been told about a fairly local shop that will repair them. The next question is how easy is it to remove the alternator? I don't do huge amounts to my car other than the basics, so only have basic equipment.

    Would really appreciate any help with this, as it's been hell the last couple of months having to keep charging the battery and wondering if the car will start when it's been parked.

  2. kashiskash

    kashiskash Member

    I just had my local garage replaced my alternator on my 2003 1.9 tdi 130bhp and the alternator was a reconditioned one costing £193 plus my old alternator.
    Be sure to take down the numbers on your alternator as there are 2 or 3 types for this model of car mine was the most expensive one being 40 amp.

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