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Alternator belt change B6 S4....

IceHanger Jul 8, 2013

  1. IceHanger

    IceHanger Active Member VCDS Map User

    Well my plans to get to GTi International Sat changed thanks to a squealing belt.
    Decided the best course of action was to change it and the tensioner, as it was last min had to get tensioner from Audi (£98) and the belt from a factor (£10.98)

    I didn't realise it was a front end off job!!! all in all with help from my brother managed it in 4 hrs and no blood lol



    Glad I did it, belt was cracked and well and truly fooked and the tensioner was seized

    PS. I didn't do the work on just the sill jack lol, another trolley the other side and 2 axel stands
  2. dualmono21

    dualmono21 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    well done mate
    i had to have the front end off mine at the beginning of the year for an air conditioning problem so took the oppurtunity to replace it then along with the front snub mount

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