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Alternator and Serpentine Belt Tensioner Questions

A4WAGON Oct 11, 2013

  1. A4WAGON

    A4WAGON New Member

    Hi, I have 2004 A4 1.8T. At 72K miles - i was getting intermittent battery light coming on and battery connections were fine; but one morning, on cold start got a loud squealing noise. Link to YouTube to hear for yourself. Audi A4 Noise - YouTube

    I had just replaced the timing belt and water pump at 70K miles. So at first thought the timing belt was faulty.

    Narrowed it down to Alternator and wished I read the forums, as perhaps all I needed to replace was the Alt. pulley.
    But ended up replacing the Alternator.

    Question - is how can I tell if the Serpentine Belt Tensioner is ok? (some people call this the drive belt tensioner, so correct me if I am wrong) Attached Picture.
    Can I also just replace the internal bearing/pulley, how do you test to tell?

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