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Alternatively......... I may put the Pioneer HU back in

trailer Oct 22, 2011

  1. trailer

    trailer Member

    I know I've posted a thread asking for advice regarding the option of using the XCarLink or Denson with the existing Concert (Double Din (II+ I think?), unit in my 59 plate A3 2.0Tdi Black Edition) but I'm considering putting my Pioneer HU in also. The Pioneer is the DEH-P88RS, and the Pioneer iPod interface, which I think sounds a lot better than the Concert.

    I'm trying to find the bits that I would need for the install and still be able to use the steering wheel controls if possible.

    So far I have found the fascia adaptor: http://www.nexxia.co.uk/product.asp?product_code=CT24AU09&category=Audi Single Din Fascia&section=

    And the CAN-BUS adaptor: Buy CTSAD002 Audi Stalk Interface CAN-Bus

    and I think the Pioneer lead for this:Connects2 Pioneer Patch Lead online at Nexxia UK

    And this harness adaptor (assuming I have a fully amplified Bose set up): Buy PC9-416 Audi Active system lead Quadlock

    I'm not entirely sure if this is all I need or if I'll get the steering wheel controls / text on the rev/speedo console so I would be grateful of any advice please.

    Cheers in advance!

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