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Alternative Diesel Engine Management

Richh999 Aug 10, 2013

  1. Richh999

    Richh999 Member

    Hi guys.
    I'm looking for an engine controller that will be able to handle the V10 or V12 Diesel engines for my next project.

    I'm thinking of putting one of them into a different chassis, most likely an ultima gtr style car and so just need something to run the engine as such. Could the standard one be remapped with everything else taken off of it? Not fussed about using audi clocks.

    I can get the V10 quite cheaply or import a V12 from germany.. I kinda want the V12 however the V10 is looking at the better option due to price.

    Also on another side note anyone know a decent mid engine transaxle that could handle these engines with a few mods? I have got a couple in mind but are mega bucks so may just have to save..


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