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Alright, So I Don't Have an Audi...

Glassman Feb 17, 2010

  1. Glassman

    Glassman Seasoned Noob

    ...but I like 'em. I also work on a few every now and then (if you haven't nailed it yet, I'm in the automotive glazing industry). Nearly bought an A4 Avant but SWMBO got a Mondeo ST (155 horses of Derv delight, no less) and I carry on dreaming about an RS6... 'one day...'

    Hello all, I'm Paul and I'm from North London / Hertfordshire; East Barnet to be precise - it's the best of both worlds. To my left I have a straight run into Central London and as I pan across to my right the green fields of Hertfordshire (dissected by the M25) can be seen stretching away from Cockfosters and Hadley Wood.

    I'm here because the forum looks good and I have an interest in cars. Everytime someone mentions 'windscreen' Google Alerts sends me a message to tell me that someone may need the help of Glassman. This makes a welcome change from some Pensylvanian dispensary urging me to please my wife by buying their pills (something about my pen is too small, I dunno). So, admins and mods, please don't think I'm here to gratuitously promote my company and offer my services. I'd like to offer anyone looking for advice or help my 18 years of experience in the automotive glazing service industry. I'm also a regular on Pistonheads and I'm involved in an automotivbe glaziers forum (we talk about windscreens and... err... stuff).

    It's a bit of social networking init.

    Can I still play?
  2. L1 HCS

    L1 HCS Active Member

    Hi Paul, As long as you play nice, you're :sign_welcome:
    Enjoy the forum!

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