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Already said hello but I thought I'd post here

davej_anderson Jun 14, 2009

  1. davej_anderson

    davej_anderson Member

    Main hello is here:


    but I thought I'd make a point of saying hello in this section as well.

    This is a great forum, coming from the likes of seatcupra.net and boxa.net, its great to see a really useful source of info being contributed to by actual dealers as well!

    Anyhow, the long list of mods planned include:

    Double din conversion and RNS-e install
    Cruise control
    Black optics grill
    Eibach springs
    3.2L/R32 front brakes
    Black leather armrest
    Remap (thinking Bluefin at the moment despite having run Revo on my old LCR)
    LCR front splitter
    and potentially votex side skirts if I get a chance to see them actually on a car

    So if anyone is selling any of the kit above and its in A1 condition, PM me.


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