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  1. Davsurfa

    Davsurfa Member

    So this is all a bit different to my last form of transport! Previously I had a modified Vitara, 8.5" of lift, 31" mud tyres, winch, snorkel that sort of thing and a complete inability to get round any corners without making everyone inside feel seasick! Now I have traded the mud plugger for an A3 1.6i which seems to love being launched around corners! So I'm now spending my weekends washing and waxing the little 'un instead of getting stuck in rivers and mud.

    I got the small black one about a week ago and I'm slowly getting it to look how I want. Just a few bits needed tidying and it keeps me out of trouble :)

    So anyways I thought I'd say hi to one and all and if anyone has any tips like which oil is best or whatever they'd be much appreciated ;)

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