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Allroad vibrates when idle (at lights etc) Is this a Flywheel problem?

buftonian Jan 11, 2011

  1. buftonian

    buftonian New Member

    Hi all.

    Amongst other problems, the major issue with my Allroad is that the car vibrates / shakes when idiling at traffic lights. I can reduce the vibration by touching and holding the accelerator to raise the rpm to about 900. I believe this is not a misfire (no codes etc) and audi were no real help diagnosing this. Been to a couble of independent garages including diesel specialists and they think it may be the dual mass flywheel? I tend to think they are correct having read lots of other posts / forum comments over the last few months. I bought the car with this problem intending to fix it, but a flywheel/clutch replacement would be over £1000 wherever I go, closer to £1500 at audi. I could just see me spending this money though and seeing no improvement to the vibration the luck I have had with this car. Oh, the car does drive beautifully with no vibration normally, only vibrates when at a standstill.

    Any thoughts/advice much appreciated. I have several options. 1 - just sell the car, 2 - put up with the shaking forever hoping it doesn't get worse (hasn't changed since April 2010), 3 - pay to change the flywheel and possibly the clutch while they're at it, 4 - can the car be tuned up to 900rpm all the time when idiling... and if so, how (this will stop the vibration effectively hiding the problem). Is the problem even the flywheel... Or is it something else? Help!
  2. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    If it shakes on iddle when warm then the problem might be the flywheel. You can raise the iddle speed with vag-com but that's a temporary measure and the DMF will take the clutch with it when it fails. If changing the flywheel the clutch kit also needs replacing. Where abouts are you in the country ? If not too far away from N. London, you can pop to me for a check- i do know a thing or two about v6 tdi engines ! Regards, Chris- 077 899 12128.
  3. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    does the viabration/noise change if the clutch is down or if you slip the clutch slightly with it in gear?

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