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allroad suspension high at front

Herald Dec 5, 2010

  1. Herald

    Herald New Member

    My allroad, 2004 4.2, has a suspension issue which I can not find referenced in any existing topic. Sometimes (1-2 times per week) it decides to lower itself overnight at the back, or the front, never just one side or one corner, but randomly at one end or the other. It gets parked facing downhill on a sloping drive. Sometimes when driving you become aware the the front is very high and the ride is hard, it's never the back that is high, only the front when driving. Mostly happens soon after starting a journey. I have managed to get out and measure the front and it is running at about 425-430mm, not 402mm. Push the button to lower it to level 1 and then raise it back to level 3 and all is fine, nice and soft again and it is 402mm all round. I normally run it on level 2 but recently have tried level 3 to see if this solves the problems, but they are the same. It gets used every day so I don't know what happens if it gets left a long time.

    It has had 2 front airsprings in the past 18 months. The rear ones are original. The compressor is not working overtime, only cutting in every few minutes as expected. No faults show using 5052A or even the latest 6350. It has had one level sensor on the front about 2 years ago.

    Very stuck and any help much appreciated.
  2. Mudplugger

    Mudplugger Member

    Pardon my ignorance, but what are these? Have you tried connecting VCDS to see what that reports?

    Is this a new problem has has started with the recent snow & cold, or was it happening before too?

    Do you have the self-levelling Xenon headlights fitted?

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