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Allroad suspension fault noob requiring help!

CHRISTOPHÉ Mar 23, 2014



    Hi all I'm a long term VAG owner and have been hunting for something I fancy after selling my 4.2 A8 last year I have just bought this 2004 allroad tdi 180 with 124k on it it's got a LOT of engine history but I'm having problems with the suspension.
    It it sat on the bumpstops with the 1st level light flashing and the orange warning light is flashing and I'm not getting power to the compressor?
    I have done a few scans with a hand held but don't currently have access to full VCDS at the moment as I've got rid of laptop between cars it's not showing any faults. I have checked what fuses I can find but I'm not sure they are the right ones and also unsure of which relay is the one for the compressor.
    I have connected leads to the compressor and it runs from a slave battery but not through proper connector

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated

    thanks in advance Chris
  2. andyt1967

    andyt1967 Member

    You probably know this anyway, but best thing you can do is get it on VagCom, then you can test everything & see what the sensors are saying, otherwise it's all guesswork.

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