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Allroad Plenum Chamber

steveliddle Jun 1, 2012

  1. steveliddle

    steveliddle New Member

    With all of the rain we had in April, my A6 allroad flooded. It has a full audi service history and has only don 41k. Audi Watford have inspected the car and have said that it has £3500.00 of repairs needed! They've said that the plenum chamber filled up and overflowed into the EC unit, which then overflowed into the cabin of the car flooding under the drivers seat and wrecking the ABS system and anything else thats placed under the seat.
    I can not believe that this could be caused by rain!!!!
    Has anyone else had this problem?
    Audi head office are taking no resposibility as they've said the car is over 5 years old.
    Totally gutted and I would never purchase another Audi if this is a common fault.
  2. ms1083

    ms1083 Member

    My initial thoughts:
    ensuring the phleum chamber drains are not clogged/the chamber clear of leaves etc is part of the standard service - was it servied recently? If so, maybe the garage failed to check this? but if you park under trees it may clog up quite quickly. Other cars can have this problem too, my mondeo did it and also an old fiesta - luckily neither of these have so much electronics hidden in the footwells so all was ok.

    Sometimes electronics are ok again when they dry out, it takes ages for a car to dry, worth taking out the seates, pulling carpet to help dry it out.

    If not consider advice from an audi independent and maybe get spare parts from scrap yard or look into getting yours refurbished. Only problem is most of these items require syncronising with the car so you would need VCDS.

    Can audi guarantee if they replace all the parts they say will it all be ok? there might be more damage they can't find at this stage or will show themselves as metal connections corrode over time.
  3. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    you should always check these drains yourself. it takes just a few seconds. have a look round the battery see if you can see standing water. if not get a watering can and pour some water in there.... if you can almost immediatly see the water running out from under the car then the drains are fine.
    audi advise the drain hole rubber bungs be removed to unsure they cant get blocked up.... so if its been into audi for a service and they havnt been removed..... you could argue that they should have been as part of the service?

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