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Allroad nearside rear door lock won't work using central locking! Help!

buftonian Jan 11, 2011

  1. buftonian

    buftonian New Member

    Hi all. Can anyone help me solve another problem my Allroad now has? I have the Allroad Quattro 2.5 Manual TDI, 2002 with 108K miles. Basically, the passenger (nearside) rear door lock has stopped working using the central locking button. All the other doors work fine still but it sounds as if the mechanism is not working in this one door. I can still open the door from the handle inside initially, and when the button is then up I can use the door normally from inside and out, but I have to remember to press the button down on the inside of the car to lock the door when parking up. I think I was really lucky that the child locks were not enabled (baby still too young fortunately) otherwise I wouldn't have been able to open the door at all! I can live with the problem but it's just really annoying! Audi want £225 to fix but I've already given them way too much money recently fixing other problems. I have taken the door card off (and the opposite one to compare) and it looks very difficult to get to the locking mechanism. Anyone know whether power could be failing to get to the locking mechanism, or will the mechanism just be broken? Can get a second hand mechanism off eBay for £43 but I really don't think I'll be able to put everything back together myself. Was hard enough just getting the door cards back on! If I did try to fix myself what are the next steps to take after removing the doot card? How do I disconnect the cables etc and in any particular order. And what do I have to do then to get to and remove the door lock mechanism?

    Any help much appreciated!
  2. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    the mechanism is tricky to get out.
    basically the window frame with the window and motor still on it needs to come out. so you need to unplug the motor and unclip any wires off the frame. then theres 4 bolts that hold the frame in.
    the tricky bit is these bolts are not in set positions if you know what i mean.... the frame is adjustable for fit having elongated holes and wedges. so when refitting it needs to go back where it was or the frame wont fit well in the door apparature.
    once the frames out its easy to get to the lock mechanism tho.

    on a side note have you checked you havent got a broken wire in the rubber boot from the door pillar into the door?? does the window still work?

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