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Allroad - Intermittent Dynamic Headlight failure and self levelling suspension error

silverstealth Sep 2, 2009

  1. silverstealth

    silverstealth Member

    Recently bought a 2002 Allroad (2.7T) and very happy other than:

    1) Get occasional warning lights (in tandem) - Dynamic headlight failure

    [​IMG] "Dynamic headlight range control failure"


    the "self levelling suspension" warning


    Definitely goes away if i stop/start the engine (not yet sure if I leave it running).

    Should I be worried, get the dealer to fix it, take the car back for a refund?!?!?!?!?

    I tried a search here and on google and turned up nothing. Has anyone seen this before?

    2) Petrol consumption is fairly thirsty!
  2. Herald

    Herald New Member

    Can't remember which side is involved, but the suspension level sensor on one side of the car is one of the sensors for the headlamp levelling, if it plays up you get both problems.
  3. 4Ring Jelly

    4Ring Jelly Member

    I have the same pair of fault codes. I was told that it is probably the sensor behind the rearview mirror, which apperantly helps the headlights know when to adjust.
  4. silverstealth

    silverstealth Member

    Hmmm.... not sure who told you that, 4Ring_Jelly. Only auto dipping mirrors have any sensor as far as I'm aware and my Alrroad doesnt have them but still needs to auto adjust for weight/load etc (and I know it does as ive seen it work when i remove heavy stuff from the boot) so I think whoever told u that is wrong.

    Herald hit it bang on the nail, confirmed by VAGCOM when mine turned up in the post :)

    You really need to get VAGCOM on it. £200 approx incl labour and parts at main audi dealer - could prob be done much cheaper if u DIY but ul need VC to diagnose or ul be playing the old replace part game to chase the fault! I had it doen under warranty, so thats already paid for almost half of my 2 yr warranty.
  5. kid-jensen

    kid-jensen New Member

    Hi Silverstealth and anyone else that can help....

    I have the same problem of the Headlight and Supension warning lights (and the irritating "Bong" noise as well)...

    Do you remember the actual part that needed replacing, I'd like to fix this myself if I can.

    Has anyone had any luck using one of these VAGCOM-to-laptop cables that Ebay is full of?

    They are certainly cheap enough...

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