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Allroad - gearbox selection, shimmy, rear suspension

brimley mill Feb 4, 2014

  1. brimley mill

    brimley mill New Member

    Hello all,

    Well here I am again asking for advice from all you much more knowledgeable than I....

    I have recently bought a 2003 2.7T auto allroad with 46k with ASH, the following problems have now surfaced and would appreciate your guidance and advice.

    1) When I start from cold in the morning and select reverse or drive, most times the box will select with a jerk, and interestingly the gear selection characters on the dash are blocked with a red block and the characters are black - normally red.

    Also when in drive the car will only pull away in what feels like 3rd gear, and when doing this mode, I don't get manual/tiptronic functions regardless of gear lever position or the buttons on steering wheel.

    If I turn the engine on and off, on most occasions it will revert to normal function but this might take a couple of times.....

    2) The front end shimmies at around 40-45 mph - (it feels like my BMW 540 use to) and also when at say 70-80-90 mph the steering wobbles almost as if there's a bulge in a tyre or are out of balance (tyres are new and the rims are fine)

    3) Rear tie bars/control arms (uppers) are seized and eccentric bolts are damaged. Bolts are no problem..... the arms are.

    I have tried Eurocarparts, Unipart, GSK etc and they are not listed..... does any one know where I can get these competively in say Europe or even the USA

    I am leaning towards pushing the bushes out and using a Powerflex polyurethane type bush making this much more durable. Has anyone done this and if so, knows where to get these bushes ???

    I am technical and capable with access to a 4 post ramp so doing these jobs isn't an issue, but just would like to know where and what the pitfalls are and guidance as to how to go about these.

    Many thanks for your time.

    Kind Regards

    Last edited: Feb 4, 2014
  2. Shargo

    Shargo New Member

    For the tranny start with reading the fault codes.
    If the ATF fluid and filter hasn't been changed that might be a good thing to do but first verify that there isn't a serious fail in it.
    Be aware that running a faulty gearbox might cause excessive damage.

    For the wheels, carefully check so that they are fully mounted with no debris/gap between rim and hub and that all bolts are fully torqued.
    Check the specifications and types of the following: centre hole on the rims, dimensions of the tire & rim vs factory standard (diameters, width and ET). The seats on the bolts and in the rim (sphere or conical).
    If your rims have separate bushings for the centre hole, replace them if not in top notch condition (and of correct size).
  3. brimley mill

    brimley mill New Member

    Hi, thanks for your guidance I shall have a go at this and come back to you..... rgrds jonathan

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