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Allroad ESP Lite Comes on Mountain Driving

dbealer Feb 27, 2008

  1. dbealer

    dbealer New Member

    I'm driving down the mountain, rounding curves approximately 40 MPH when the ESP lite comes on and I feel a little vibration in the gas and brake pedals. When I push the brake pedal, I feel a thump, the lite goes out and the vibration stops.

    Any ideas? I changed the brake lite switch because that's what the dealer said was wrong. No improvement. The last trip down the hill showed no codes. ???


    Dave Bealer
    Crestline, CA
    2003 Allroad 2.7T, 28K miles
  2. maxlbrown

    maxlbrown Deep Blue

    That i would say is normal. your losing drive due to loose surface and the system is designed to let the driver no by vibrating the pedal box.

    the dealer should know about this when you brake you will feel resistance until traction is sufficiently restored the light tells you that stability is lost or drive is lost on one or more wheels therefore the relevant brake is applied restoring the required grip.

    unless te lihts stay on or the vibration does not work then i would not worry its normal

  3. dbealer

    dbealer New Member

    My Audi mechanic changed out a computer on the passenger side. He said he found out that early 03 Allroads had a problem that was corrected by a black box change. Changed xxxx55 with a xxxx56, and the now ESP light stays out going around the mountain curves!


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