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allroad C5 radio reception problem

Herald Dec 18, 2010

  1. Herald

    Herald New Member

    I have an allroad, 2004, with RNS-E DVD Sat Nav. Recently the radio reception became poor. We changed the main aerial on the roof as the electronics were full of water. It was a little better. We've now changed the diversity aerial as well. What happens is you are listening, it goes fuzzy all of a sudden, so you switch stations (on FM) and then immediately switch back again and it is perfect, for a few minutes. Only happens on the border of a radio station range. My guess is that it is switching aerials for some reason and switching stations forces it to use the original aerial again. Question is, what else to look at and is there any way of preventing it changing aerials to check this? Any ideas please?

    If this is a post for the A6 forum, please feel free to move it thank you.

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