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allroad bouncy suspension

smurfsmith Sep 17, 2009

  1. smurfsmith

    smurfsmith airbag

    3 Minutes Ago

    :hubbahubba:hi i have a problem with my a6 allroad 2.5 tdi quottro sport 54 plate and ask for your advice ,when i have the suspension on level 1 it is very bouncy (sea sick) when i asked garage(where i bought it from) they put it on to level 2 and said this setting was for town driving and 1 was for loading ,this puzzled me so when i checked manual setting 1 was for sports,motorway etc.(so this should be a hard setting ??) i rang audi and told me to check for leaks which i did by putting car to number 4 setting and leaving it for 6 hours ,the car did not drop so i know i have,nt a leak .so this can mean only one thing my shocks must be worn out but i don,t know how to check this ,i would appreciate some advice as i have only had the car 2 weeks and if this is the problem i need it fixed under the warranty before they say it is wear and tear by myself thanks dave
  2. silverstealth

    silverstealth Member

    I would phone the dealer to discuss this. If they refuse to accept it OR worse still, say that they will take it in and look at it at your request (read YOUR EXPENSE) then you could take it to an independent specialist for assessment. However, I would get it in writing from the Dealer and Warranty company that they will not do it as that would help you claim back from them. Thought you may be in for a fight!

    However, before you go down this route - have u considered that it might be normal? Mine is floaty (on any setting) compared to my A4 sport! They are built for offroad comfort/performance more than on-road....

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