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Allroad 2002 2.5tdi V6 No power below 2200rpm

Biggles Dec 13, 2006

  1. Biggles

    Biggles Member


    I have posted this problem over a couple of forums. Do a search for Biggles.

    The symptoms are really easy to describe.

    Virtually no power under 2200 RPM. It is making for a really miserable driving experience. In the mornings it feels like it is driving through syrup until it warms up.

    I have had various suggestions, and have had an indie Audi + main dealership look at it and test drive it. Both agree it is not right, but differ wildly as to why.

    One says need new timing belt as the timing is out, of this I am very suspicious as it has 20000 or 2 years left, the other is saying it could be my turbo not working properly. Something about variable geometry. He tested the actuator and it worked OK, but says it could be stuck vanes.

    One thing they did agree on was that it was only a starting point, could be more. Either way I don't want to have either a new turbo or cam belt done just to find it is not the fix.

    Surely someone can be a bit more definitive on this.

    I have only had the car 4 weeks, and at first I thought it was just me.

    If i drive it with a lead right foot it goes like stink, but I don't always want to do this, and anyway around town it is not possible. It is so poor I never take a chance when pulling out, I always leave bags of room.

    Help. Is there a place in the Essex / Suffolk / Cambs area that can be recommended?

    Biggles :sorry:
  2. Adam C

    Adam C Mine a manual

    Hi Biggles,

    I have seen your other posts.
    I had the exact opposite symptoms to you, where my 2.5 TDI Allroad was very very quick, with (confirmed by AMD) no remap software. On my car the turbo was over-boosting all the time and this caused other problems, where the ECU kept cutting all power in certain circumstances.
    My car was diagnosed with a faulty turbo/ turbo VNT mechanism by Inde-tech in Milton Keynes. I asked them to rectify the fault and then carry out some other repair work, with a service. I've just picked my car up today and not only does it drive great, but MPG has improved from 28 to 40MPG. (yes I was driving it gently, but there's a BIG difference).
    If you're looking for a recommendation, check out www.inde-tech.co.uk, they may be a little far for you, but my experience of their service was faultless, and they did actually fix my car which is what I think you're trying to acheive.

    All the best.


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