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  1. nemo2182

    nemo2182 Member

    I recently brought some 18" Multi-spoke Alloys for my S4, but now Im thinking that a set of 5-spoke rims would suite the car better. Has anyone got a set they might be willing to swap with mine?They need to be like new, as mine are. Size are 18\225\40, well thats the tyre im running. Pictures are on Gallery if you wana see them.I may also take cash if the price is right. Just drop me a reply or email on emoego@hotmail.com if interested.


    P.S I f this is wrong area to advertise this, can someone point me in the right direction.......
  2. rasA4

    rasA4 Four Rings Mafia Specialist Team V6 Audi A4 saloon

    the classifieds section on the red bar at the top then wanted, however i think you need to post a certain amount on the forum first,

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