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Alloys - Which To Get?

SamA3 Nov 18, 2011

  1. SamA3

    SamA3 Member


    I have purchased a Black Audi A3 8P2 SE collecting tomorrow :) and I would like to change the alloys get some 18 maybe 19's. Although I don't really know where to start I have seen genuine's and the only way my budget will stretch to them is if they are used. So I have been looking at a few which I like first there's the BBS CH's which are my favourite but as said above they must be used, where is the best place to get some? also I like the RS4 alloys however I can only seem to find them new which means I have to turn to reps which I am not so bothered about I just want to make sure they look the part :D I have seen these on eBay:

    18" AUDI A4 ALL MODELS NEW RS4 ALLOY WHEELS AND TYRES | eBaywhat do you guys think?

    sorry about the long winded post I am new to this game however I cant wait to get driving!

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