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Alloy Wheel Repair Kit's from Halfords...

ste.B Apr 20, 2011

  1. ste.B

    ste.B New Member

    Basically just wanting to know if these are worth the money... They retail at 29.99

    Halfords | Halfords Alloy Wheel Repair Kit

    The predicament I face is that I currently have a set of RSTT 18" Replica's... My audi approved mechanic doesn't believe they're worth spending money on to have proffesionally refurbed (because they're reps - cheap ass metal!) however I really wanted them looking blingin for summer...

    They do come up almost white silver when really clean, although at the minute the front two are particualrly scratched around the rim...

    My main concern is that the spray paint which comes with the said repair kit will not match the colour of the wheels...

    Anyone got any experience with this kit, and are there any alternatives to spending £'00's on professional refurbing...

    Thanks in advance


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