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Alloy wheel refurb

GS65 Dec 4, 2005

  1. GS65

    GS65 Member

    Has anybody had their wheels done,and how much was it? My wife had my A4 while I had her A3, she manged to badly kerb both my near side wheels /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/swear.gif.I managed to get her A3 fixed plus cleaned. The Doctors say that she should make a full recovery . . . !!!
  2. CJ A4

    CJ A4 Active Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    The Doctors say that she should make a full recovery . . . !!!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    HAHAHA classic! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cry.gif
  3. GSCollie

    GSCollie Member

    There's a couple of places in the North East to have them done.

    The one I use is SEM in Southwick Industrial Estate, Sunderland. Do a top notch job every time by taking the wheel back to primer, filling / arc welding, the latter if rim damage, profiling, respray and lacquer the entire wheel and then baking them, pretty much like production process.

    Dependent on the wheel is the cost but my 18" Avus wheels are £47. Only down side is that doing this will take approx. 3 days and you leave the wheel with them.

    I have been recommended somewhere else in South Shileds but don't have the address yet, they are £35 and I an infoemd they take a day but not sure of quality and if it is just a 'patch and spray' job.
  4. GS65

    GS65 Member

    Thanks had SEM recommended called them and they quoted me £50 per wheel and 5-6 days think I will go with them.

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