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Alloy Wheel Refurb Colour Options

chrisb72 Jul 31, 2011

  1. chrisb72

    chrisb72 Active Member Team Panther Audi S3

    I am in the process of finding someone to refurb my Audi 18'' Speedline split rim alloys. I have norrow the choices down to...

    The Wheel Specialist Alloy Wheel Refurbishment | Refurbish Alloy Wheels | Refurbish Wheels | Alloywheel Repair | Refurbished Alloy Wheels
    Wheel Refurning BJV Engineering - Alloy Wheel Refurbishing

    Prices online seem pretty similar for my type of wheel so we'll see.

    The question is what finish do I go for? In an ideal world I would go for a polished rim and silver powder coated centres, but I have been told polished rims don't last and are prone to corrosion. Seeing as it's mainly corrosion damage I have on my wheels at the moment I'm thinking this is a bad choice. I like that contrast in finish though.

    My next thought is to have the whole wheel matt charcoal like the new back editions, but not sure they will really suit my black car.

    The last option is to polish the rims and paint the centres black or charcoal, but concerned it might be a bit bling for me! Although I'm not old and past it yet I am now a family man and the A3 is the family run about so don't want to attract too many boy racers!

    Any thoughts to help me decide?

  2. _GRP_

    _GRP_ A3 2.0TDI Sportback S-Line

    Used 'The Wheel Specialist' Cardiff Franchise on Friday to refurb my two front wheels, did a 'same day' service... very happy with the results. They did a finnish called 'Flash Chrome' that looked a bit different which was like a silver face fading to black ... maybe worth checking out. G

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