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Alloy wheel help

bizzab7 Feb 8, 2013

  1. bizzab7

    bizzab7 Member

    i got a good deal on a set of 18"x8j et47 ronal 5 spoke alloys from a b8 a4.they have brand new tyres which are 245/40 but they have 3 different makes.i currently have rs6 alloys on my b7 which are 18x8 et43 i think with 235/40 tyres.
    My question is will i be able to put my tyres from my old alloys onto the new ones without problem?i know the wheel is the same size but not sure if the offset will make any difference.also would i be able to use spacers without any rubbing?car is just on standard s line springs.i know i need spigot rings as the centre bore on the new alloys are bigger
    This is probably a daft question but to be honest im not to clued up on wheels at the moment
  2. Custardsucker

    Custardsucker Member

    235/40 tyres will be fine on the new rims as this is current size on my B7 with 8x18 wheels. As you say you will need some spigot rings to reduce centre bore dia from 66.5 dia to 57.1 dia. I would suggest you buy these first and check wheels fit and clear everything before going any further. This should show you if spacers can be fitted as well.

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