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Alloy Stone Chips - Help

superstarnextdoor Sep 10, 2009

  1. superstarnextdoor

    superstarnextdoor New Member

    I got an Audi TT Roadster with 19'' alloys delivered to me a week ago. It was delivered with a very small stonechip to an alloy, but i said it was ok as a stonechip was inevitable at some point (plus i'd waited ages for the car...and it's a company car).

    Since then i've noticed that the alloys chip very easily. I've got at least 2 on every alloy in random places and today found a large on on the outside (noticeable) and i've not been on an gravel surfaces or anything. I've had 15'', 18'' and 19'' alloys on other cars and have never had stone chips before, so find it odd how quickly i have them.

    My other car which is a Seat, has no stone chips on the alloys and it's a year old!

    ANYONE KNOW IF THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH THE 19'' 7 SPOKE AUDI ALLOY WHEELS regarding stone chips???? Is it just a dodgy type of alloy that is shaped to trap stones?? Is it very thin coating?? It is costing me a hefty personal contribution per month to have these alloys, hence im a bit annoyed.

    Wondering whether i'm being OTT, or whether i should contact Audi to check them out. It seems odd to me.

  2. Digi

    Digi New Member

    Certainly not OTT, As newbie on this site I notice your post is quite old now so hopefully you have sorted the problem out, especially now winter is upon us.

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