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Alloy Cleaning

Jay Jul 3, 2007

  1. Jay

    Jay Member

    I'm planning on giving the wheels a good clean and was wondering what the best method was.

    I was thinking something along the lines of ....

    1. Washing
    2. Meguiars hot rims - Whats the best way to apply this?
    3. Autoglym resin polish? not sure if this is necessary
    4. Meguiars tech wax? again not sure if this is necessary
    5. Autoglym sealant - Again whats the best method of applying this?
    6. Meguiars Tyre Gel - Best method? i read a post where someone recommended using a paint brush.

    What could I or should I do differently or is this ok?

  2. JGrant1285

    JGrant1285 Sir Scouser Benitez

    Well, on my wheels:

    1.Megs Wheel Bright
    2.Dry Off
    3.Poorboys wheel sealant
    4.Auto SRP
    5.Chemical guys wet mirror-finish.
  3. jr001

    jr001 Member

    Grant's wheels are well cleaned and well sealed! Good job done there, as everyone appreciates.

    With the products you've mentioned, I assume you've got them waiting to go?

    First of all, best if you can take the wheels off one at a time - will take about 40ish minutes per wheel to do properly.

    A good clean first. Megs HotRims first.
    Spray should be good enough, follow instructions. If the wheels are manky then perhaps some slight agitation, cloth or brush. And watch for spray into the eyes, shelter from even a light wind here because there's a good chance some of the spray will go for your eyes.
    Dry wheels off.

    I'd add in at this stage a spraying of Tar and Glue Remover to remove tar spots or other petroleum gunk. I've found this works a treat in prepping the rims if you're going to all this bother. Personally I would not miss this stage out.

    SRP won't do any harm here and should mask some of the inevitable minor scratches in the clearcoat. Again follow the instructions and give a good final buff with MF cloths. Alaways buff the wheels with MF cloths they work a treat - forget buffing with old rags etc.

    Then the AG sealant - I've just sprayed this onto wheels in the past, then work into all areas of the wheels with a MF cloth or applicator and leave for a few mins. Final buff to bring up the gloss, turn the cloths regularly. That's your wheels then sealed! I'd go for another three or four coats if you can. Again, MF cloths here for good gloss.

    Don't think you need to worry about the tech wax. The prep and the coats of AG sealant is what's crucial here.

    As for your tyre dressing, spray onto either foam or microfibre applicators and apply that way, it's amazing how much of the stuff remains in the applicator and you don't need to apply millions of it. I normally wait for it to dry and then give another coating.

    This is one of those detailed jobs that gives you a good sense of achievement, but it takes time. Also, if you're going to spend the time doing this, I'd recommend removing the wheels as already said. I'm not sure it's terribly worth all the effort unless you do. Make sure you know of the relevant safety points here, like the reinforced jacking points and that you've got an axle stand handy.

    Best of luck and enjoy.:respekt:
  4. Jay

    Jay Member

    Nice one....just hope it stops raining
  5. JGrant1285

    JGrant1285 Sir Scouser Benitez

    Good Write up Jr!!

    Each person has their own method of doing their wheels. For instance, some people would use the AG SRP before sealing, some would seal them first. Its all down to personal preferance.

    Just another note (from my experience) - If your short on time, or you are allowing 'so long' for a job..........you'll find that it A-L-W-A-Y-S takes longer....or is that just me? Ha ha ha..good look with the rims bud
  6. WX51TXR

    WX51TXR Polished Bliss

    All sound, superb advice above, just remember though that one step products that combine polishing particles with sealants (like SRP for example) will strip previous layers of products, so best to go SRP then Wheel Sealant rather the other way round, otherwise the Wheel Sealant will be stripped. :)

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