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All off a 2009 Audi S3 8P

D8RRD Feb 5, 2013

  1. D8RRD

    D8RRD New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Fairly New to this forum larky! So I apologise if you don't get me!
    i have got a few things off my Audi s3 I'm going to try and sell so here goes.

    - standard suspension including struts and springs (like new covered about 3000miles) £350
    - All standard Audi S3 engine mounts £30
    - Carbon Fibre Engine cover that cost a fortune new £275
    - 4x brand new ignition coils (£130 from Audi 2months ago never used) £80
    - battery box and cover etc £15

    All of these are to have carriage put on top but that will be reasonable and on 24hr service.
    For more information please contact Dom on 07595717827.

    Thanks for Looking.

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