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All LED light project. Audi 2012 C7 LED lights into a B7

mattjarv Mar 10, 2012

  1. mattjarv

    mattjarv Member


    I have found a website that sells the components that make up the brand new LED lights that can be found in the new A6, A7, etc.

    I am thinking about whether or not to buy these and attempt to fit them in a B7 headlight!

    Without the new Audi headlight shell, the LED sidelight bulbs, Upper Beam and Lower Beam, etc, will be loose and will fit in a Headlight shell.

    I have found some rubber which can be drilled to insert the LED’s in and keep them in place in the headlight.

    SO the question is, would this actually work or would it throw up a load of problems?! I like the idea of trying to do something different and giving me a little hobby to work on, but thought I would throw it out there to see if it was even worth bothering with!

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