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All 3.2 V6 A3 Owners Please Sign in

imported_S_Line May 5, 2006

  1. JaminBen

    JaminBen Member

    Thanks, but I think that's all I have. I don't even know the person who filmed: he just asked if he could ride along, and next thing I knew he was filming!

    There are some pretty nice videos on www.a3-quattro.de though.
  2. JaminBen

    JaminBen Member

    Sorry for the (video) off-topic. Could we have an A3-specific video thread "stickyied"?

    For the record, my 3.2 now has 50,000 miles on it (80,000 km). Most of those miles have been with KW Variant III coilovers, an AmD remap, milltek cat-back, bmc cda airfilter (now changed to simple bmc panel filter in std airbox), and ET 45 8x18 wheels.


    broken clutch disc @ 7,000 miles (too-hard downshift while braking),

    wheel bearings (all have been changed), and that's it.

  3. S_Line

    S_Line Member

    My 3.2 hasnt had its first Service Yet ! Sitting there int eh drive all day everyday, getting used about twice a week to a trip to the gym.

    Wish it was a Skyline or something sometimes. Audi never did sort out the misting up rear light cluster, it just looks as if they smeered vasaline inside the lens, making one cluster look dimmer than the other,

    I phoned them, and they said - Bring it in,
    Last time i Brought it in i spent 1 hour waiting in the Very Hot waiting area.

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