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aldi parking ticket

205man Feb 12, 2014

  1. 205man

    205man Active Member

    hi guys does anyone know the law regards being issued a parking ticket for parking on an aldi car park?

    my girlfriend received one in the post today which claims she was 13 minutes over the permitted time. she parked there went in to town then came back and did some shopping in aldi before she left.

    the ticket has been issued by parking eye.... does she have to pay it and do they have authority to issue or enforce it? as thought only police and councils can issue parking tickets.
  2. gradwells

    gradwells Member

    Do not reply to them
    screen your calls ( if you till have a land line )
    They have no right in law to attempt to fine you
  3. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    unless its issued by council or other government organisation they cant do ****.
    I collected quite a few at the local gym, i think my mate had about 40odd.
  4. Anthony566

    Anthony566 Active Member

    It's a private ticket you do not have to pay it, same applies for the service station ones were its a private enforcement company.
  5. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon Manual

  6. SteveMcB

    SteveMcB Well-Known Member Team Sepang Audi Cabriolet Owner Group SQ5 owners group

    Agree, they will send you increasingly threatening letters, do not make any contact or you will go onto the 'hooked' list and they won't leave you alone. Ignore and they will eventually give up.
  7. kanecullen89

    kanecullen89 Active Member

    I have had many letters and tickets from a parking company who look after the local hospital car park. I either just ignore them or write back about how the ticket it wrong. They never get enforced. It's basically a civil agreement between you and the parking company to park in their car park. They would have to take you to a civil court to enforce it. They would never waste their money with that. They earn enough from people who get scared with their official looking letters and tactics.

    As earlier said, the only parking tickets you need to pay are ones that are issued by police and councils because they are enforced in criminal court (magistrates) and you will get bent over.
  8. Archies

    Archies Active Member VCDS Map User

    If you receive a letter from them just write on the envelope "return to sender" and put on it "I do not want to do business with you" but dont sign your name. Then drop it back in the post box
  9. Cockney Boy

    Cockney Boy Member

    I've got 7 on the go at the moment, the threatening letters make excellent log burners fuel.

    Don't ever ever ever be tempted to reply to the letters, just ignore them and they will go away
  10. moggytom

    moggytom Member

    does asda do these sorta things noticed on the sign that i dont follow the rules to all the time regarding parking but never had one lol
  11. A3_130

    A3_130 Member

    Goes against what others are saying but I'd probs pay it if I were you. I was had in a service station McDonalds car park and never heard anything about it for a year (they had been writing to the wrong address). I only found out when I'd done referencing for a rented property and failed it because the parking ticket had been escalated to a County Court Judgement by Parking Eye which stays on your credit history for 6 years!! They had my number plate on ANPR so no way of me denying it if I'd wanted to. And because it had been so long since the ticket had been issued I ended up paying £160 which was ****. Jut my 2p worth :)

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