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Alcantara Dilemma

The911SC Apr 2, 2008

  1. The911SC

    The911SC Active Member

    Hi All,
    Order is in for the new S3 but I wondered if anyone had any views on Alcantara?. I dont really like the embossed leather, dont want the buckets, and silver leather middles look a but bling and will get dirty..

    Anyone got any pics or views on Alcantara?..
    Had it in my Boxster and it was good if kept clean...
  2. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    Good in a converts in the summer, depends really, doesn't get cold like leather does in the winter.
  3. WillsNogaroTT

    WillsNogaroTT B cool, B safe, B foolish

    I think it looks really smart with the two tone, Leather contrasting with the alcantara. have matching in mine but would much rather contrasting. Also find it very comfortable.
  4. White220

    White220 White 220

    Have a look over on the a4 b7 forum about the wear and tear. Not sure I'd pay for it only to end up with shiney bum prints on it after 6K miles on it.
  5. sleep envy

    sleep envy Member

    much better than leather in every respect
  6. Cootie

    Cootie Member

    They messed up the order on my S3 and I originally got Alcantara (which I subsequently had them change to the leather) - I was a tiny bit disappointed to be honest (I have seen it in a TT and thought it was a lot better), although that may have been the colour of it (thought it was a bit grey and dull). It may be a better bet than the leather in the Summer months though.

    Personally I prefer the embossed leather and have been pleasantly surprised by it - I don't find you slide about on it as much through the corners as with smooth leather, and it is potentially easier to clean than the alcantata. In the end though I think it's down to personal taste.
  7. Dave1000

    Dave1000 Member

    I have the same issues I dont really like the embossed leather but why cant they simply do all leather black sports seat.
  8. RicardoAudi

    RicardoAudi Member

    Had leather and Alcantara in A3 2.0T for 3 years. Cheaper option than all leaher. + it is a bit warmer than all leather. Grey colour is not practical. The Black we had is fine but it :blackrs4:can be prone to getting a bit smelly with kids etc, Go for all leather IMHO.
  9. Young un

    Young un Member

    Order is in for the new S3 but I wondered if anyone had any views on Alcantara?. I dont really like the embossed leather, dont want the buckets, and silver leather middles look a but bling and will get dirty..

    Know what you mean. I had the same dilemma when ordering. I wasnt keen on the embossed leather but was concerned about alcantara maintenance. Loved the buckets but rear access was a bit awkward. IMO i think the white two tone leather is a bit "chavy" (apologies if I offended any S3 owner who has this option!)
    Ideally I wanted plain black silk nappa leather sides and centres.

    More practical thoughts...
    I know leather can feel "cold" in winter but S3 has heated seats as standard so that wasnt really an issue anymore.
    Leather can easily be wiped down compared to alcantara
    (Had a 2002 Civic Type R and accidentally spilt orange squash which left a faint water mark on the seats. Guess it would have wiped off without a trace if it was leather)

    In the end I settled for embossed leather (hoping it would grow on me) cos this option is unique & exclusive to the S3 range. I think all the other A3's can have leather/alcantara if sports seats are added as an option. But you cannot get the embossed look. And you cant really go wrong with leather. "leather is leather" and will re-sell no probs!

    Its all individual, and what one person prefers may not be to another ones taste. This is just my thoughts on it all:sm4:
  10. sleep envy

    sleep envy Member

    have had alcantara in two cars - have never had the problem of stains and marks as it's possibly more durable than leather in my experience
  11. IN-A3

    IN-A3 Member

    I have alcantara in my A3. cool in summer and breathes so you don't get a wet back. doesn't feel cold it winter so do not need heated seats. not any harder to keep clean than leather and you dont slide in the seat when pressing on!
  12. hatmeow

    hatmeow Turbo is the only way....

    I have alcantara in my A3 and had it as a daily driver for the past 9 months. I have a 4 year old and have no problems with it what so ever. It does not soak in liquids as much as I thought it would. The Alcantara seems to be a bit more stretch resistant than the leather too as my leather side bolsters on the drivers seat are beginning to develop creases but the alcantara looks exactly the same the day I bought it... Very impressed with Audi's choice of materials...

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