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alarm prob,help please

oneeye Jan 21, 2007

  1. oneeye

    oneeye New Member

    :banghead: hi peeps,newbie here,hopefully some one can help me,ive got a a4 3.0 cab,2002,my alarm keeps going off,ran vag com on it and it came back with "01838 - Transceiver Module 2 for Interior Monitoring "i assume this is part of the ultrasonic alarm inside but where is it???cheers
  2. a4sline

    a4sline Member

    Ther are 2 modules for the cab, one is the receiver and the other is the transciever. One is located under the rear seat and the other is just under the centre console by the coin tray.
    We had a lot of grief on early cabs with false alarms from interior monitoring, mainly because of, don't laugh, people putting coins in the coin tray by the hand brake lever !!!
    If you have got loads of metal in the coin tray, try having a clear out, if not, you'll need a new module. I'll check on ELSA which is which.

    Hope this helps

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