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Alarm chirp on A3 2.0TDi 170 Sportback MY2008

warren_S5 Mar 19, 2011

  1. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    My bro in law has just bought an A3 Sportback this afternoon and I've been trying to code some functionality using VCDS for him. Here it is:


    I've managed to get the car to chip when you unlock to doors using the remote fob, but I can't get it to chipe when it LOCKS (Comfort/Conv - 46 Central Conv - 10 Lock using remote), and although VCDS offers a range of options:

    0 - Do nothing
    1 - Beep
    2 - Blink
    3 - Blink & Beep

    I can only get it to select options 0 or 1, and as option 1 is beep I'd expected it to beep, but it doesn't.

    Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.


  2. Lings

    Lings Active Member

    Dont know about the beeps .But thats one splendid looking SB !
  3. BlueSpark

    BlueSpark 6th Gear

    Hi Warrencox, to get it to chirp when it locks you have to go to the next 'bit' on the coding. ie the 'bit' that you are coding when selected in long coder for unlock only does chirps for unlock. if you move to the next box 'bit' then you will find same sort of options for unlock. I did this, but found it very annoying and reverted it back straight away! lol By the way that SB looks awesome, especially the colour!! ;-P

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